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Being a top-rated orthodontic care provider in Double Oak, Texas, we have seen how a beautiful smile can truly change someone’s life. At Razz Orthodontics, our team, led by Dr. Michael Rasmussen or Dr. Razz, a board-certified orthodontist, is dedicated to providing top-notch services such as the advanced Damon Ultima bracket system and clear aligners for children, teenagers, and adults.

We make sure to provide a personalized approach to orthodontic treatment for each patient based on their specific needs. Dr. Razz has a great deal of experience with clear aligners and has received extensive training. Our office is well-prepared to handle even the most challenging cases with precision and care.

We have found that a better smile has benefits that go well beyond appearance. Improving general health is the goal. That’s why we don’t just address misaligned teeth; we also focus on preventing oral health problems like cavities, gum disease, and jaw issues before they begin. We use advanced orthodontic technology to create personalized treatment plans that are efficient and effective for each patient’s specific needs.

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Finding the best orthodontic services in Double Oak, TX, is easy with Razz Orthodontics because we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. When you visit our office, you’ll quickly realize why we are highly rated by residents in the area.

We take pride in ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported, and we answer every question and address every concern. Our practice is known for its patient-centered approach and Dr. Razz’s expertise, making it a top destination for high-quality orthodontic care in Double Oak.

Choosing the right orthodontist is an important step in getting the smile you’ve always wanted. At Razz Orthodontics, we’re excited to be a part of your journey. Feel free to give us a call or send a text to our office at (972) 640-7984 to request your free consultation today.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

We take pride in providing a range of orthodontic services to meet a variety of patient needs.


We offer the Damon Ultima bracket system, which is a form of self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces allow for more freedom of movement in the mouth and can enhance patient comfort. They also help to shorten treatment time and require fewer appointments for adjustments.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a great example of the advancements in orthodontic technology. They offer a discreet and flexible option for people who want to straighten their teeth without the traditional look of wires and brackets. Dr. Razz uses aligners to create personalized treatment plans to suit each patient’s individual dental structure and cosmetic objectives. We can address various alignment issues with this innovative approach, helping patients achieve the smile they want while minimizing disruptions to their daily routines.

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment is a specialized approach to help children achieve a healthy and beautiful smile starting at a young age. Addressing jaw growth and spacing issues in children lays a strong foundation for future alignment and creates a better environment for permanent teeth.

Once all your permanent teeth have come in, the second phase of treatment usually begins. This phase focuses on improving the alignment of your teeth using braces or clear aligners. With Dr. Razz’s guidance, this two-phase process can provide better long-term results and reduce the necessity for more invasive procedures in the future.

Tooth Reshaping

We can refine the appearance and feel of your teeth through a delicate process called tooth reshaping. This can improve both your smile and your oral functionality. Dr. Razz uses this technique to address small imperfections, such as irregular shapes or slight overlaps.

Laser Gum Treatment

We are excited to provide laser gum treatment, a modern technique that greatly improves the appearance of your gums and, as a result, your overall smile. This procedure uses advanced laser technology to reshape the gums, fix uneven gum lines, and treat gingivitis (gum disease) without requiring invasive surgery.

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics works alongside traditional orthodontic treatment and requires a combination of orthodontic and surgical skills. We collaborate closely with an oral surgeon to plan and carry out treatment strategies to enhance the function and appearance of the jaw and teeth alignment when necessary. This level of intervention is typically recommended for more severe orthodontic issues that cannot be fixed with just braces or clear aligners.

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Clear Aligners in Double Oak, TX

Ensuring our patients receive the most cutting-edge and effective treatment available is our top priority. That’s why we are a committed provider of clear aligners in Double Oak, Texas.

Acknowledging the primary advantages of Invisalign, including its nearly undetectable appearance and effortless maintenance, we stress its function in encouraging not just a better-aligned smile but also improved dental hygiene. Because transparent aligners are removable, patients can brush and floss their teeth thoroughly, lowering their risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Razz Orthodontics’ patients benefit from comprehensive treatment that goes beyond cosmetic change, with an emphasis on long-term dental health.

clear aligners in Double Oak

Braces in Double Oak, TX

An important component of our orthodontic services is braces in Double Oak, TX. It’s never too late to make adjustments using braces, which provide advantages to people of all ages.

The way we think about braces has changed dramatically due to advancements in orthodontic technology, particularly the Damon Ultima bracket system. This new technology enables more efficient tooth movement, potentially lowering treatment time and enhancing comfort.

Braces in Double Oak

Types of Braces We Provide

The Damon Ultima Bracket System

The Damon Ultima bracket system is a leader in orthodontic innovation, providing a comfortable and efficient way to improve the process of straightening teeth for our patients. The Damon Ultima brackets are self-ligating, which means they have a sliding mechanism to secure the archwire. With this, the teeth can move more freely compared to traditional options. Integrating this system into our practice allows us to offer a more seamless orthodontic experience, helping patients reach their desired results with fewer appointments and less discomfort overall.

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